Why Should Kids Read Obituaries?


Rather than being about the death of a person, an obituary is about bringing the person back to life through storytelling.

Preparing for Death Newspaper-Style with the Washington Post Obituaries Desk, Australian Broadcasting Corporation


Then, at last, the obituaries… Stimulants to sweet memories of better times, to philosophical reflection, to discovery of life’s astonishing richness, variety, comedy, sadness, of the diverse infinitude of human imaginations it takes to make this world.

The Last Word: The New York Times Book of Obituaries and Farewells


The joy of the job is capturing for posterity some little-known, or half-forgotten, figure who has made a hitherto undervalued contribution to some aspect of our times.

The Daily Telegraph Book of Obituaries: A Celebration of Eccentric Lives


Obituaries provide character education with real characters.

Obituaries Teach Life’s Lessons, Boston Herald


Look in today’s newspaper. Chances are you’ll read an obit about someone who held a job, took care of family and still had time to help someone else. Learn from that person’s example. Be inspired. Go out and make a difference in the world. Do something wonderful for which you’ll be remembered. Something that one day might be included in your obituary.

Alana Baranick, obituarist, The Plain Dealer


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